About JJ

I strongly believe in order to achieve the best results and to see long term changes, one must approach their health and fitness holistically.

I grew up doing various sports in school from Little Athletics to Gymnastics, Soccer and Dance classes but I was never one of those people who loved fitness and as I became a young adult I developed a lot of unhealthy habits and certainly didn’t have a healthy lifestyle. I started my health & fitness journey back in 2009 (over 10 years ago). The picture on the left was taken on holiday in Greece that same year.

At this point the only form of exercise I did was on the dancefloor on various nights out and I thought eating healthy meant living off salads and celery sticks. Although at the time I was insecure about my body, I was (and still is) a massive foodie so the thought of needing to cut out all my favourite foods to obtain being leaner, fitter and healthier just didn’t appeal to me at all. I also wrongly thought that in order to maintain a good body and optimal health that it meant giving up a large chunk of my life. I’d seen people in gyms that seemed to spend all their time there and that wasn’t me, I loved life too much.

I didn’t understand that with the right approach I could achieve my goals and maintain them BUT also enjoy my life! From 2009 to 2011 I just stuck to doing cardio in the gym and was frustrated when I didn’t see the results I wanted. It wasn’t until 2011 when I hired my first coach that all of this began to change and I started to understand and learn what was holding me back from my potential and achieving my goals.

With the help of my coach I lost over 10 kgs and I started to understand the importance of strength training and following a program designed specifically for my goals and needs. I worked in an office job until I became a coach in 2015 so I needed an approach that took my job and lifestyle into consideration.

FAST FORWARD to the present day (the photo on the right was taken last year)

I’ve learnt so much (and continue to do so) on my journey. One of the most important beliefs I have is that health and fitness is not a ‘one size fits all’. Because I’ve had a personalised approach that was specific to my goals, lifestyle and needs I was able to achieve and maintain my fitness goals as well as develop a healthy relationship with food and a stronger mindset.

The goal on paper was to loose 10kgs, but what I ended up with as well as the weight loss, was more self confidence, a stronger mindset, a body I felt good in and a greater appreciation for my health and fitness and what I could achieve.

I’ve always wanted to help others and after seeing the positive impact my own transformation had on me and the people around me, caused me to leave my 9-5 office job and start my own business as a Personal Trainer and Coach to help as many people as I can. It’s because of this, that I’m so passionate about helping others discover their potential and work towards achieving the best version of themselves.

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